The Best Tattoo Machine Top 5 For 2023

After 2023, ambition tattoo machines have been receiving a lot of love from tattoo artists, so let's take a look at the TOP 5 most popular tattoo machines of 2023.

Top 5:Ambition soldier wearless tattoo machine

Ambition Soldier tattoo machine is really an all-around athlete 💪
🔥Large battery capacity for more than 7 hours of continuous running.
🔥The screen has a timer function, which is very important for professional artists.
🔥Built-in customized Ambition coreless motor and direct drive system for a quiet and low vibration machine.
🔥4.0mm stroke is perfect for those who require liner and color packaging.
Please comment and tell me about other benefits of the Soldier machine🙏.

Top 4:Ambition shura rotary tattoo machine

This Ambition rotary tattoo pen adopts double bearing stabilizing system.It makes the machine always keep stable when running and needle hit firmer and more consistent to achieve precise strikes.

Top 3:Ambition Mars-U adjustable stroke wearless tattoo machine

✨1800mAh battery capacity;
✨7 stroke options from 2.4mm to 4.2mm;
✨Standard interface adapts to most brands of tattoo needles on the market.

Top 2:Ambition Vibe Wireless Tattoo Machine

The upgraded Vibe, with the latest digital screen battery, is easier to operate and use.
The screen display the working voltage, remaining power, Hertz and timer🔥
Support jumpstart mode and standard model🔥

TOP 1:Ambition seher wearless tattoo machine

Undoubtedly the #1 selling tattoo machine of 2023, loved by novice tattoo artists and professional tattoo artists alike.

It is the first wireless tattoo machine on the market equipped with a real touch screen battery distinguishes it from traditional button tattoo machines on the market.

Tattoo machine built-in straight rod structure, the strength of the skin directly on the skin to minimize the damage to the skin!

LED color screen + 2400mAh high-capacity working time of 8-9 hours, with memory function has four working modes (can be switched at will)

3.8mm and 3.4mm stroke (replaceable) eccentric wheel made of stainless steel, more powerful. Equipped with wild heart customized brushless motor. Fast speed, low noise, strong power engine life longer

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