Why Tattoo Power Supplies are Essential for Quality Tattoos

  Opinions on tattoo power supplies vary, but I think a power supply that encompasses timing and portability is sure to be a favorite.

The Ambition S1 Touch Screen Watch Power Supply meets the multiple needs of tattoo artists at the same time:


The watch is designed to be worn on the wrist, this design was upgraded by our designers who collected input from over 100 tattoo masters, you can check your tattooing time at any time, and at the same time, it can reduce the weight of the power supply added to the tattoo pen.


The 1600mAh capacity is not worth mentioning for a large capacity battery, but after calculation, this capacity of the battery meets the working hours of most tattoo artists, and at the same time it needs to be recharged in only 2 hours.

3. Operation

The touch screen operation method makes the operation of all functions visual and simple, while the design of the wristwatch keeps the screen away from the ink cartridge and does not allow ink to splash onto the screen causing the touch to fail.


When it comes to LCD display content, understanding the output voltage range, working time, battery usage, and Hertz is crucial for maximizing performance. Let's dive into the specifics of how to make the most of your LCD display.

What is the Output Voltage Range?

The output voltage range of an LCD display determines the level of brightness and clarity of the content. It is essential to ensure that the voltage is within the optimal range to avoid damage to the display and ensure a crisp image quality.

How to Maximize Working Time?

To extend the working time of your LCD display, it is important to manage the power consumption efficiently. By adjusting the output voltage and utilizing power-saving features, you can prolong the battery life and enhance the overall performance of the display.

Understanding Battery Usage

Monitoring the battery usage of your LCD display is essential for maintaining its functionality. By keeping track of the power consumption and implementing energy-saving strategies, you can prevent unexpected shutdowns and ensure uninterrupted usage.

What is the Importance of Hertz?

The Hertz rating of an LCD display determines the refresh rate of the content, impacting the smoothness of motion and overall visual experience. By optimizing the Hertz settings, you can enjoy seamless transitions and vibrant colors on your display.

For optimal performance, follow the special instructions provided:

  • Power ON/OFF: Press the "Ambition" key for 3 seconds
  • Output pause / resume: Press "Ambition" key to pause the output, and press it again to resume the output (the resume voltage is the working voltage before the pause).
  • Adjust output voltage: 3 voltage modes available for customization.


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