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Ambition Soldier Max Kit Wireless Tattoo Machine

Color: Black

Ambition Soldier Max is a brand new machine, the following are the advantages

-【High Quality Machine】Ambition soldier max tattoo machine is made by aluminium alloy, its length is 132mm, weight is 186g. Exquisite appearance, comfortable to hold and balanced weight. The whole piece can be disassembled, allowing artists to clean each part in different ways.

-【HD Color Screen】This tattoo gun is configured with HD color screen which can show startup mode, voltage, timer, billing, Hertz and frequency.The billing function can automatically calculate the total charge based on the working hours by adjusting the charge amount per minute. The machine has two startup modes, J means 8V jump start, S means normal start. The jump start makes the machine can push large magnum tattoo needles.

-【Multifunctional Battery】The capacity of the long battery is 2400mAh, its battery life is 8-10 hours. The short battery is 1800mAh, the battery life is about 6 hours. Two working modes are set, frequency mode and regular mode. The frequency mode has 50 different levels that can be adjusted. It gives the machine the ability to do more tattoo work.

-【Direct Drive】This ambition rotary tattoo pen is powered by custom coreless motor which is powerful and stable. The speed of the motor is 13,000rpm/12V. It's perfectly compatible with our straight drive bar, makes the machine always keep low noise and low vibration.The straight bar has small resistance during operation, stronger power, and less damage to the skin. 4.0mm stroke guarantees the ideal balance between lining and color packing while offering perfect balance between lining and shading.

-【Advanced Stabilization System】Two built-in bearings enable the machine to strike accurately during operation and the needle hits more firmly. And this structure is detachable, you can exchange the extra stroke cam at any time, providing more possibilities and out to take your skills to the max.

Product Description

Weight :186g/201g

Size :132*32.5mm/146*32.5mm

Motor size :25mmx8mm

Motor speed :12V13000Rpm

Needle stroke :4.0mm

Voltage range :4.0-12V

Battery capacity: 2400 mAh/1800 mAh

Use time :8-10 hours/6-7 hours

Vibration value :2.0m/s2

Decibel value :52-55dB

Battery usage operations:

Dual mode:

Standard mode/8V strong start mode

Display "J" for forced start mode

Display "S" for standard mode

After pressing and holding for 2 seconds to switch modes, you can adjust the button to tap the acceleration button.

Switch mode again to switch to billing increase button Long power switch button = on/off,

Short press the button to flexibly set pause or resume (resume paused mode)

Quickly double-click the switch key to switch modes

Press and hold for 2 seconds to switch working mode, switch between prick or regular mode

Package includes:

1 pc wireless tattoo pen (2400mAh/4.0mm)

(1 pc 1800mAh spare bttery----Choose a dual-battery SKU to have this backup battery)

1pc RCA adapter

1 pc 4.0mm straight rod stroke accessories

3 pc disposable handle (30mm/34mm/38mm)

1 pc Type-C charging cable

1pc RCA cable

2 pc gloves

1 pc metal base

1 pc tattoo protector 5x5

5 pc transfer paper

5 pc table mat

20 pc Ambition brand bag

60 pc tattoo needle assorted RL/RM/RS

20 pc color cup

1 pc brand zipper box

1 pc large tool box

Ambiiton is specialized in creating various tattoo machines, tattoo supplies with every customers need.The products include tattoo machines, tattoo power supply, tattoo inks, tattoo needles, foot pedal, tattoo grips and so on.Our products are upgrade fast to keep with global fashion, and we develop our machines by studying the feedback data that receiving from our customers.Now our products were exporting to more than 30 countries, such as Europe, USA, Russia,Middle East , and so on.We are trust that we can be your best partner and give our best service for you.


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